"Everytime I look at the painting i can't help but to smile" Shane Smyth, Maia's father

"Certainly an eye catcher.  A talking point for visitors.  I am delighted to have such a timeless picture of our son, one that will come out on his 18th Birthday Party." Rona Purcell, Michael's mother

"Ana spent some time with our two children, taking photos of them in a relaxed enviroment,getting the best from them, nothing posed or artificial. With the photos that were taken that day Ana chose what she thought would be the best, the end result simply could not have been better, Ana captured so much more than a photo ever could, she created and captured our kids personalities and made them sparkle" Tracy Benn, Ruby & Dan' mother

"Ana has such a fantastic talent. When we first saw Tom's painting we were full of emotion. His character, features and smile are captured perfectly. Thanks Ana." Aoife Corcoran,Tom's mother

"Such a beautiful work of art. Brought joy and colour to my living room. Loved the way Ana captured Afonso's personality" Vera Peleja, Afonso's mother

"Ana managed to captured my children personalities in such a way that when i look at the paintings they seem to came alive, the happy look in their faces is such a contagious feeling,  it's so real that makes my day to get such a positive energy from my own children. It was just what i needed in their bedrooms. Thank you Ana." Vanda Nascimento, Alexandra & Guilherme's mother.

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